I’m happy to answer any inquiries on products for sale or custom design and fabrication work.

30 Day Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110
United States


Iron Age Reproduction Services

I am trying to reach into the past specifically the early Iron Age to live how my ancestors lived in this modern time in order to try and find some peace and serenity in this crazy modern world we are living in today. I have found that trying to live this Iron Age lifestyle by crafting, foraging, LARPing in the mega metropolis of San Francisco gives me a peace and that I can barely describe. I want every human to find what I have found. Check out my videos to learn more about what I do and go to my store to see if there’s any reenactment gear that you may fancy.


I can create what you desire

I can produce custom handmade products to your specifications. Send some drawings no matter how crude for your SCA custom heavy fighting loadout or handcrafted Viking throne of wood and iron. I can also produce very large to the very small art installations. I have much experience creating from scratch large scale sculptural installations that have been featured at many popular festivals and permanent art installs featured around the bay area and beyond. Check out my project gallery and checkout my online store where you can find your Iron Age implements for SCA, reenactment, Renaissance Faire, or LARPing fun.



About Me

MY NAME IS Jessika Welz

I have been a welder and fabricator among other things since I was right out of High School. I am a musician and have a stage persona of an Iron Age time traveling and stuck out of time person. I wanted to create costumes and equipment for myself and my bandmates so I attempted to craft them myself. I found I had a talent for it so I decided to offer my talents to the public. I also have worked in the field of Big Art which is creating and installing large sculptural art installations for the past 8 years and offer that as a service as well.