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Artistic Services

Run your project by me and let's see if we can build this!

jessika Welz

Artistic Services


Big Art

I have many years of experience creating Big Art. I have been volunteer crew and paid crew for many notable artists in the Bay Area and have also imagined, lead and built my own large scale Art Installations. I know exactly what is required to get your large scale artwork up and running. I specialize in Kinetic Metal Sculpture but possess many other skills including Fiberglass, Visual Art, Electrical, 3D Printing, CAD Design, Addressable LED Installations and I am currently learning even more skills to add to my Big Art reparateur. 


Artistic Design Services

I can help you Design your project to whatever specifications you desire. I can either refine a design that you already have and practicalize the concept turning it to reality or You can tell me what you desire and I will come up with an innovative design that will not only be properly Designed and Fabricated but will be extremely satisfying visually as well. 



Artistic Fabrication Education 

I have many years of experience teaching welding and machining to student of all skill ranges and I am particularly sensitive to diverse populations. I will provide top notch Teaching to All gender expressions, sexes, races, sexual orientations, all levels of ableness, and ages. I want every single human on this planet to have equal access to learning how to make Art.



Art Project Consultation Services

I have consulted for many Art Projects that were not mine. Art projects can be very complicated needing a great variety of disciplines to complete. If your project has an area that is uncharted and you just don't know how to produce the desired result run your issues by me. I have a lot of experience with Big Art and probably know a way to achieve your goals.

Furniture Design and Fabrication

I can Design and Fabricate any piece of Furniture that utilizes mostly metal in the design. I specialize in Metalwork but often work with other Artist who specialize in wood and upholstery. Come to me with that kitchen chair set design that you've always dreamed of making a reality or let me Design you Furniture and build the metal parts while I utilize other Artists to fabricate the other materials. 



Fine Art Commissions

I take Art Commissions for Large Scale Artworks. I will also take smaller sized commissions as well and will work in whatever medium you desire but have a particular amount of skill in Large Scale Metal Artworks. 



 I am proficient at using Solidworks and use it very often in the various jobs I do for people. I can take on any simple or averagely complex design projects using Solidworks to produce 3D CAD models. Extensive Assemblies with numerous and complex relationships are probably above my skill level but still run it by me. I probably know someone who can do it.



I work on a variety of Game Development hobby projects. I am at beginner level with the Unity Game Engine and proficient using C#.  I am very creative and find a great amount of pleasure designing new and interesting worlds. I am looking to donate my time to the development of some game or some project using Unity.