Iā€™m happy to answer any inquiries on products for sale or custom design and fabrication work.

30 Day Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110
United States

Artistic Services

Run your project by me and let's see if we can build this!

Gescykae Welz

Artistic Services


Furniture Design and Fabrication

Have you always dreamed of the perfect chair set for your home or business, but have not found furniture that matches you vision? Gescykae Welz is an expert fabricator specializing in metal work. She can make or design furniture to fit your needs. 


Fine Art Commissions

I take commissions for art of all scales & sizes. I work fluently with all types of metals & am able to work with mixed mediums. Check out Celestial Mechanica to see grand scale fine art or click this link to see projects I have worked on:

Game Development & Design

I am an adv-ed gamer who aspires to create games. I have volunteered for Polly Carbon Games as a developer. I am at a beginner level with the Unity Game Engine and proficient using C#. If you need help with game development & are willing to teach or need help creating a cohesive game design contact me with you name, organization & needs

Artistic Design Services

I can help design an idea by creating 3D CAD models ranging from simple to complex & make that design using my fabrication skills, tools & resources. Charles Gadeken is an artist who frequently uses my CAD designs & fabrication to make his art. Dana Albeny has also employed my design services for multiple art projects. I am especially skilled in making BIg Art, & have both volunteered & been paid for many projects by notable Bay Area Artists commissioned by Burning Man, Cochella, Insomic, individuals, etc. My own project commissioned by Burning Man, Celestial Mechanica, showcases many of my skills: CAD, Fiberglass, Visual Art, Electrical, 3D Printing, Large scale sculptural installations



Contact me for private welding, machining or knife making classes in SF. Rates starting at $50 an hour (discounts offered to groups). I teach to people of all levels, ages, sex, sexual orientation, gender identities, and gender expression.


Art Fabrication Consultation Services

I have been consulted for many art projects ranging from the manufacturing of small scale products to large scale fabrication & design. The Flamming Lotus Girls is an organization that frequently employees my instruction & knowledge on large fire art sculptures. I can help you get from an idea to an end result & solve fabrication problems before they happen.