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Celestial Mechanica

by Jessika Welz 2014

Personal project that I received a grant from Black Rock City to build. It went to the Burning Man Festival in 2014 and we received another grant in 2016 to bring it back to Burning Man. Celestial Mechanica is a large scale Orrery that takes some artistic licence with scale and science but represents our Solar System and is totally kinetic with spinning planets and orbits. There are LED effects and the Sun features a propane fire effect. We also showed Celestial Mechanica at Maker Faire 2013.


by Charles Gadeken 2013

Helix is a sculpture designed by Charles Gadeken that I contributed mostly in fabrication and we have toured Helix to many events since. It was built in 2013 with help from a grant from Burning Man and was featured there. The biggest accomplishment I contributed was fabricating each of 6 orbs that feature a helical twist and which are all gas tight for shuttling and emitting propane. I was Charlie's Lead Fabricator for this project.



by Charles Gadeken 2014

Squared is a set of 50 ft. trees with addressable LED cubes that enable Squared to emanate beautiful patterns. It was first introduced at Coachella in 2013 and then it was shown at Burning Man 2014 and is in the works right now to be placed in some key locations for longer durations of time then 1 festival. I helped the artist Charles Gadeken mainly with fabrication and secondarily with electronics and programming.