Re-creation of Jorvik box flute

Re-creation of Jorvik box flute


This is a re-creation of the Jorvik “Viking” pan or box flute found in what is now called York in the U.K. I am just an amateur Experimental Archaeologist. All I did was take the drawing on the internet and translate the scale into inches and build to these dimensions. This flute is not tuned. It reads A on the lowest note with a tuner. It actually sounds pretty nice if played with a drum or just jamming alone.

Only available in this hardwood for now:

(Just imagine they are imported up to these Nordic crafters)


Species: Wenge   Millettia laurentii

Imported from the Republic of the Congo, Wenge is dark brown with fine close blackish veining. Machines well to a smooth finish. Hard and heavy, with a coarse texture. Used for inlay, turnery, cabinetry and furniture.

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