I’m happy to answer any inquiries on products for sale or custom design and fabrication work.

30 Day Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110
United States


I have many years of experience in metal fabrication experience working on a variety of projects, many of those being large scale interactive artworks. Please contact me if you have a large scale art piece you'd like to create or just need someone to design your complicated widget. I provide teaching services for people to learn the Industrial Arts and I can have you up and running as a welder, machinist and or fabricator. Also take a look at my Store and see if you'd like to purchase a handmade piece of art.

what you get

Extensive experience in the field of ‘Big Art’ +
Recreation of handheld Iron Age implements

I offer Artistic Fabrication and custom made products and services. I create large scale sculptural art installations and recreate Iron Age life. This includes garb, weapons and tools that our Iron Age ancestors used. My goal is to reach into the past and revive the older way of doing things. I still embrace technology but approach it with a view from the past and relate technology to magik and see everything technology achieves as miraculous.



All quotes are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.