I’m happy to answer any inquiries on products for sale or custom design and fabrication work.

30 Day Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110
United States


Welcome to WelzArt

This is a space to harness creative energy and design. My name is Jessika Welz and I provide Fabrication Services, Industrial/Art Instruction and I have a store to purchase my Artistic Products. 


Welcome to WelzArt and Living Ancient. This is the webspace of Wrecca the Witch, Warrior and Artisan. I am a Norse Shaman in training and a Master Crafter. I’m also training to be a Warrior. I believe that in our messed up modern world we should try and flashback to the times of our ancestors and live in a way similar to the ways they lived but not as an anachronistic way keeping strictly period or rejecting all tenants of the modern world but instead integrating The Old with The New. If you gave a Viking a Magik collective consciousness accessing device “cellphone“ they would probably use it.

Welcome to my site